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"Ask The Landscape Professional" is a weekly series by Master Gardener Linda Lillie, AOLCP. Published every Sunday in The Day newspaper, a variety of topics are covered related to Landscape Design and Maintenance, Lawn Care, and Tree Care.

New Topics:
QUESTION: Hi Linda: I have a question for you, our church has started to let ivy grow on the building and now it is approaching the window area, is this going to do damage over time to the building, as the building is a brown stone (built in the 17 hundred''s). I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Thank you  NEW!
QUESTION: I love your column and hope you can shed some light on the issue with my weeping cherry tree. The tree is at least 15 years old, and has grown quite well over the years. A couple of years ago I noticed that one side of the tree was blooming before the other side. And this year the blooms on one side are pink, while the other side is white. Prior to this the tree bloomed all at once and the blooms were all pink. The photo below shows the left side blooming pink, while the right side's white blossoms are still coming in. Can you explain this odd phenomenon? Thank you! Barbara  NEW!
QUESTION: We are considering replacing mulch with gravel around the house to reduce maintenance. We understand heat build-up may be detrimental to shrubs yet the front of the house faces north and receives no sun. Which do you recommend, mulch or gravel? Rob, Clinton  NEW!
QUESTION: My husband is getting ready to install a new planting area in front of our house and just came back from the store with a roll of landscape cloth. I seem to recall, you have written about that before, but I can't locate the article. Can you remind me? Joyce  NEW!

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