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How can I protect my young Magnolia tree that I planted this year from the "wrath of winter". Thank you. Daniel


Protecting a Magnolia Tree from Winter Daniel - The best thing to do is to put 3 or 4 tall stakes around the tree. Leave a space about a foot or 18" away from the braches. Each stake should extend several feet above the top of the tree. Next, wrap the outside of the stakes with two layers of burlap wrapped (which you can get in 3 foot wide or wider rolls) and secure it well. If the tree is taller than your burlap is wide you will need to have overlapping rows of burlap to cover the height. You can use electrical zip ties or twine to secure the burlap to the stakes and to secure the edges together. The next step is to add a lot of dry leaves packed gently around tree from the ground up. Depending on how tall the tree and stakes are and how wide your burlap is, you can add the leaves after you wrap each section of burlap as it goes up the tree. Add the leaves several feet above the top of the tree and although it's optional. I'd suggest that you make a burlap top to keep the leaves inside their burlap "home" over the winter. Next year, when the threat of freezing weather is past, remove the burlap, stakes and leaves. All of the added protection should be taken off by the time the magnolia starts pushing buds in the spring.

Good Luck.

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