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QUESTION: My hydrangeas, Mopheads, Oakleaf, and Lacecaps, just started to leaf out in early June from the bottom but some are not leafing at all. They were all lush last year. Do you have any advice for me? I did not prune in the past year. Thank you. Linda
QUESTION: Now that Easter is over, I have some Easter plants whose flowers are gone but still have green leaves. I have been watering them and fertilizing them and will allow the leaves to die back. Can I plant them in the ground at that point or should I dry the bulbs out and put them in the cellar until the fall? Geraldine
QUESTION: For the last two years I have had a problem with bugs, black flat ones, that ate mostly my orange lantern leaves right up to the flowers in two separate gardens. Up until now, I've always had good luck with orange lanterns and I'm wondering if I should spray them with something? What should I do? You always have great advice. Thank you. April
QUESTION: For over 50 years I have grown daffodils with great success. This year none of the daffodils in my small garden have come up yet. Could all of the rain we had last year have rotted the bulbs? I look forward to your help and expertise. Thank you. Suzanne
QUESTION: Would you be kind enough to let me know if I should let the rose hips develop on my roses or should they be cut off? Someone told me that letting the hips develop inhibits the production of flowers in the spring. I always enjoy your very informative articles. Thank you so much. Nan
QUESTION: I remember an article you wrote about Poinsettias last Christmas I know I cut it out of the paper, but I can't seem to find it. Can you re-run it? Thank you. Rene, Clinton, CT
QUESTION: We have two rhododendrons that have partially bloomed the past three years in late October/early November. The flowers do not fully display, but at least half the buds do start to open. The other rhododendrons around our house wait until spring to show their colors. Do you have any thoughts about what we are seeing? Greg, Old Lyme
QUESTION: I have had this Baptisia / False Indigo plant for over 15 years and has been amazing in the spring, including this past spring. Within the past month some of the branches have turned brown and died. First I thought they were broken by deer jumping over my fence to devour my garden. Today I was cutting things back and saw the real damage. What is it and will I lose the plant? My neighbors have the dreaded tent capillary, could that be doing it? Thank you. Nancy
QUESTION: Several weeks ago your column dealt with invasive seedlings and you recommended a vinegar solution. I have invasive bamboo that is creeping over from a neighboring property. I've tried digging it out, burning with a blow torch and (last resort) Roundup. Nothing works. Will the vinegar solution work if I do it at this time of year? Judy
QUESTION: I love your column in the local paper! I'm hoping you have some insight into what has been wrong with my beautiful black-eyed Susans. They have been in our yard (one side for at least 5 years) and newer ones for about 3 years. Up until this summer, they bloomed profusely and really made a statement in our yard. This year, at least two of the newer ones didn't bloom at all and the others were not profuse. Most of the older ones did much better but a few of them were very thin and had some blackish leaves. The leaves on some of the other ones were black and ultimately crispy as well. I don't know if this is weather or fungus related and hoped you could comment. Many thanks for your column and wonderful information! Orlene
QUESTION: Three out of the four Azalea bushes in the front of my house are "brown", or at least browner than everything around them. Do you have any ideas? Is something "going around"? Maybe they need fertilizer? Thank you for your help. Mike
QUESTION: PART 2: I have a 70 yr old rose bush that bloomed from June through Sept. with fragrant roses. For the past few years, it blooms in June with very green leaves and lots of flowers. After that bloom, the leaves turn yellow with black spots and the roses do not open up. What is the problem? Thanks, Sandra
QUESTION: PART 1: I have a 70 yr old rose bush that bloomed from June through Sept. with fragrant roses. For the past few years, it blooms in June with very green leaves and lots of flowers. After that bloom, the leaves turn yellow with black spots and the roses do not open up. What is the problem? Thanks, Sandra
QUESTION: I would like to know how I can improve the growth of my rhubarb throughout the summer. I know it needs a lot of water; my husband puts 5-10-10 on it in the spring. Years ago, my parents would put horse or cow manure on theirs. Does rhubarb usually have a short life span in the summer? What do you suggest? Thank you, Rochele
QUESTION: I planted Happy Returns Daylilies in front of my stone wall and I had the understanding that they would blossom all summer and into the fall. However, I have noticed that they stop producing blossoms well before fall. This year by mid-July all the blossoms were gone and there have been no new ones since. The leaves are very thick and some are turning yellow & brown. What aren't my daylilies blooming? Nancy
QUESTION: I keep a bay plant in a pot in my kitchen to use for cooking, but lately the leaves have become very sticky. I had aphids on another plant inside, but I got rid of that plant. What could be causing sticky bay leaves, and how do I fix it? Emily
QUESTION: I have a dog, two cats, and about a dozen chickens in my back yard. What sorts of plants can I grow in a garden to give them as treats? Louise
QUESTION: I grew lettuce in a pot on my porch last summer, but by the third month it had gotten really tall and the leaves became bitter. How do I prevent this? Jillian
QUESTION: The ground cover in front of our condo in Mystic is dying. Please take a look at the attached pictures. Perhaps you can give me some idea as to what is happening and what should be done. Thank you for your assistance. George
QUESTION: Please take a look at this once beautiful plant which is now just fading away. I have one bud (which didn't come out clearly in the picture) but the rest of the plant is dead. I can't figure out why the plant is dying. Each year, after blooming, I have trimmed away the old growth. Last year I figured it wasn't worth it since I only had one flower then also. Do you have an answer for me? I would so appreciate your help... Jackie
QUESTION: I have Montauk Daisies. By the time fall comes around, they are so tall that they fall over. Please tell me when, how far back, and how often I should prune them so they are the right height in the fall? Thank you! Gail
QUESTION: I got a small gardenia plant several months ago and all I have now is a few branches with little leaves. I potted it in good soil, fertilized, removed any rot and still have nothing to show for it; what am I doing wrong? Marie
QUESTION: In November, I took a trip to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and saw this beautiful flower. Can you tell me something about it? Thank you, Mary
QUESTION: Hi Linda - I read your article every week and enjoy your comments on so many subjects. We have a rosemary plant that was outside for the summer growing in a pot. We have now brought the plant inside in the same pot hoping to keep it alive to go outside again next spring. What should we do to have it survive over the winter inside the house? Thanks Joe
QUESTION: Hi Linda, I seem to remember an article you wrote about Poinsettias, I know I cut it out of the paper, but I can't seem to find it. Can you re-run it? Thank you. Rene, Clinton, CT
QUESTION: Hello Linda, Thank you for writing your column and offering assistance with unknown plants! I have this plant up against our home foundation, I think it may get be called Yucca? I would like to remove it, but I've dug it up multiple times and still it comes back. Would you have any recommendations as to how to permanently remove it? Thank you so much! Maura
QUESTION: I was having wonderful luck with my impatiens until a week ago. Several leaves started to turn yellow and the blossoms began to shrivel. Do you think it is a fungus or perhaps a parasite may be killing the roots? What is your opinion? Margaret
QUESTION: I love your column in The Day. Deer and rabbits are eating my hydrangeas and hostas. Are there any solutions? Barbara
QUESTION: We just moved into a new house last fall. My neighbor told me the previous owner planted hundreds of crocuses. I've never had crocuses before, what are they like? Donna
QUESTION: I have a Mandevilla plant that has been blooming for the past 2 months. I know plants need a period of dormancy over the winter. Do I need to do anything to be sure it will bloom in the spring and summer months? Gary
QUESTION: I recently discovered bulbs that I meant to plant in the ground last fall, but I never got around to it. Can I plant them in the spring? Denise
QUESTION: Hi Linda, I seem to remember an article you wrote about Poinsettias, I know I cut it out of the paper, but I can't seem to find it. Can you re-run it? Thank you. Rene, Clinton, CT
QUESTION: Would you be kind enough to let me know if I should let the rose hips develop on my roses or should they be cut off? Someone told me that letting the hips develop inhibits the production of flowers in the spring. I always enjoy your very informative articles. Thank you so much. Nan
QUESTION: Hi Linda, I have a Gerber Daisy plant that is still blooming. Do I bring it in for the winter or leave it out? Thank you. Rose
QUESTION: How do I prune this rose bush? When is the best time to prune, now or in the Spring? Margaret
QUESTION: For the past two summers my hydrangea bush has not flowered. Last summer I had only 2 flowers. I have noticed that some other neighbors are having the same issue. Is there a problem going on in this area (Niantic) that is causing this? If not is there something I can do to get them to bloom again? Karen
QUESTION: I have had this rose bush since 2004 and now it seems to be getting spiny. Could you give me some advice about what to do with it? How do I go about pruning it? Should I cut it down to the ground for regrowth next spring? Margaret
QUESTION: Linda, could you help me identify this plant? It's leaves fold up at night. Thanks, Malcolm
QUESTION: Linda, could you please help identify this plant? Thanks, Gary
QUESTION: Hi Linda - There are several wild azaleas on my property behind my house in the woods. They are old and a bit spindly as the oak trees around them have shaded them for 40+ years. I have enjoyed the blooms for many years and I was wondering is there any way I can transplant them to a better location where I can see them more easily? Should I prune them in preparation? What time of year would be best to move them? Thanks for any advice you can share. Robin
QUESTION: I have 2 clematis plants. Both had a couple of blossoms several weeks ago, but no new blossoms have appeared. Is this normal? Should I do something to help create more blossoms? Thanks, Gary
QUESTION: I love nasturtiums, however, when I grow them from seed in May, they grow beautifully and when they flower, they get infested with big ants that leave all their excrement on the stems and it is just gross. That not only affects the blooms but the foliage as well. I hose it off but the ants come right back. I have spoken to nursery people who have never heard of this happening. What can I do? Janice
QUESTION: I am hoping you can help with a bug issue I have with my lilies. For the past 4 years I have had this bad infestation of bugs on my lilies. Last year I sprayed almost daily, an all-natural product I purchased. It might have worked for a bit in the beginning of the season but eventually the bugs took over and ate my lilies to the ground. I'm assuming I need to use something stronger. I am open to any suggestions. I love your weekly series! Thank You. Laura, Niantic
QUESTION: I have a Flowering Quince in my yard and every year at this time it bursts into beautiful blooms, but not this year. There are a few blooms at the bottom, but for the most part it's bare. What's going on? Carol
QUESTION: Help! Last Year, I had a few wild onions/chives in my gardens. This year my gardens are full of them. Pulling doesn't seem to help. What can I do? G.D.
QUESTION: My daughter lives in North Stonington and two years ago we planted hydrangeas around her house. They did fantastic for the past two years!!! This year she had a new gardener who, while she was gone, cut down her hydrangeas to about 4 or 5 inches from the ground!!! Are they going to come up as well this year??? We do see some green coming out from the growing area, but will they get as big as before? I thought you had to leave the old wood on it until they started sprouting and then you could cut off the old areas. Mary
QUESTION: I always get confused, what is the difference between Azaleas and Rhododendrons? Marie
QUESTION: My miniature orange tree has dried, yellowing leaves that are falling off daily. I water it twice a week and lightly fertilize once a month. There doesn't seem to be any infestation. Is there anything I can do to save it? Paulette
QUESTION: I bought some yellow onions and brought them home a few weeks ago. I just noticed that they have sprouted. Can I still eat them or can I plant them and re-grow onions? Megan
QUESTION: Now that winter is upon us and my house is closed up tight, I'm wondering if I could use houseplants to improve the air quality? Kathy
QUESTION: I have a snake plant that was my grandmother's, my mom's, and now mine. It's at least 40 years old and I've had it for 6 years now but in the past few months have noticed most of the leaves are bent in half or completely wilted. I know very little about house plants but would desperately like to save this plant! Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much! Terry
QUESTION: I love Poinsettias at this time of year, and I've always wondered if the growers paint them red? Sarah
QUESTION: My daughter bought me an 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea for Mother's Day. I planted it in June. Should I cover it for the winter?
QUESTION: My mother always forced paperwhite narcissus bulbs to grow indoors for fall/winter enjoyment, but I remember that they grew tall and fell over. I recently heard that alcohol can be used to stunt their growth. Is that worth a try? Carol
QUESTION: I planted my bulbs in early November and now with the warm weather some of them are sprouting up! What should I do? Will they grow in the spring? Gary
QUESTION: I have several vegetable boxes that are now cleaned up from the summer veggies we grew - mainly tomatoes. Being a relative greenhorn in terms of vegetable gardening I was wondering what, if any, tips you have with regard to winter protection for the soil. This year despite new soil and fertilizer being added at the beginning of the growing season, the outcome was not quite as good as the previous year. I am wondering what I could do to protect and improve the soil. Should I feed the soil some type of fertilizer or just wait till spring? Should I cover the boxes? Appreciate any advice you may offer. Michael
QUESTION: Attached are photos are of my euonymus. They're all about ten years old. Until the very cold winter of 2010-11 they grew happily, but that winter the deer and rabbits ate them from the ground up. It's taken them since then to recover and I haven't trimmed them at all. This year they're finally getting new growth inside. The older outside stems are leggy, with growth only at the tops. I'm thinking of cutting them all back to the height of the new inside growth to encourage more new leaf growth all around. Do you think this is a good idea? Or should I let them be and merely trim them a bit on the tops? These are slow growers as it is but I'd love to see them fuller and filled in. I'd appreciate your advice. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Ann
QUESTION: This is a picture of one of my pachysandra beds. I have 3 beds the other 2 are healthy, I will admit that I've fed the other 2 once this year with Miracle Grow and they are watered every other day with my irrigation system. We have had a drought this summer, maybe a little worse than last year (this bed does not get direct water from the system), but I'm not sure that was a problem; it's always survived. Is this dying or is it in some molting stage? What should I do? Nick
QUESTION: In the fall, I usually dump the contents of my annual planters and pots into a pile in the woods, then store them in my shed over the winter. Is there anything I should be doing to my pots before I put them away? Connie
QUESTION: I was given a Hibiscus as a gift this year and I planted it outside. Now that cooler weather is approaching, what do I need to do? Mary
QUESTION: The warm weather seems to be holding on this year. Do you think it's still too warm to plant my spring bulbs? Kristin
QUESTION: Something is happening to my ground cover. This took me several years to fill in and now it's dying. Help! Wendy
QUESTION: Several plants that were planted earlier this season are struggling. There are a lot of bare branches and black leaf tips. We have been diligent about watering. Any suggestions? Bob, Mystic
QUESTION: Whenever I go to the nursery or look at an online plant catalog, I'm confused about plant container sizes. For example, I see plants sold in "1 gallon" pots, but the pots certainly don't look like they would hold "1 gallon." I also see pots labeled with numbers like #1. Can you help straighten this out for me? - Sarah
QUESTION: Linda...I would not even open the newspaper if it did not contain your articles. Thank you for all your information and advice! Earlier this year you posted an article on Knotweed and I agree completely. This is horrible stuff. I've literally spent weeks manually digging up each individual one, on 1-1/2 acres. The Knotweed just takes over and kills everything in its path. But, progress was achieved after all that labor! To remove Knotweed, I use a big, flat-blade screwdriver for individual scattered ones. For groups/clusters, I use a pitch fork to loosen the entire group and they pull out easily - then tamp the ground with my boot. After I removed the Knotweed, in the late spring after we had gotten some rain, I used a weed and feed product. The combination of removing Knotweed and adding the fertilizer has shown remarkable results. I know you don't approve of weed and feed, but it worked for me. To remove Knotweed, it required me to be on my hands and knees and the one danger is catching Lyme Disease. I recommend using a spray, like Deep Woods Off, on footwear, pant legs, and arms. Ray A., Salem
QUESTION: I have small fleshy white things growing on the outside of my azalea bush branches. Is this a fungus? What shall I do? April B., Groton
QUESTION: When I buy plants at the nursery and take them home and plant them, they never seem to do well where I put them. I'm tired of spending money without real success. Can you help me?
QUESTION: Last week I wrote about the dire decline in our bee population, and this week I'm addressing what you can do to help all of our pollinators.
QUESTION: The condo complex I live in just did a large "bee kill" with pesticides. You can help tremendously by publishing facts about the extreme importance of NOT killing bees, and the critical population decline there is in Connecticut and everywhere... S.K.
QUESTION: I have a house at Black Point Beach in Niantic and need help with plants that the deer won't EAT...At the present I have daylilies across the front of the house on the south side and they (deer) are enjoying the Salad Bar. We have sprayed, and currently have fish line going across and somehow they are getting at them. HELP...What can I plant there that they won't eat? Fran
QUESTION: My boxwoods look terrible with spots all over them and some of the leaves are brown and falling off. What's going on with them and what can I do?
QUESTION: I have a two-fold question: (1) how does English Ivy spread? Over 20 years ago we were told it was alright to allow the English Ivy to be on a magnificent tree that was as tall as a 2-story house. The tree died, and I keep finding the Ivy all over our almost 4 acres. (2) Is there a good way to kill it? I have been pulling it up, but it keeps getting ahead of me. KC
QUESTION: I am getting ready for "weed season" and I am wondering about using a product like Roundup®
QUESTION: I faithfully read "Ask The Landscape Professional" every week and I want to thank you for taking the time to write it. I am excited and so happy to be working in my garden again with all of this new-found knowledge. Amy
QUESTION: My neighbor attended one of your recent lectures where you talked about the problems caused by using landscape cloth. Could you go over that again?
QUESTION: Now that the snow has melted, I see that my evergreen Daphne has been crushed by the load of the snow. What can I do to save it?
QUESTION: My husband and I have an annual "discussion" – he likes to mow daffodils down right after the blooms pass and I think that's too early. So far he's won! Who's right?
QUESTION: Last week, you wrote about crocuses that will be blooming soon. What's another plant I can look forward to?
QUESTION: The snow is covering most of our plants-particularly the short hellebore and azaleas. Will this cause any harm? Kent H. – Gales Ferry
QUESTION: I've noticed that you are giving lectures on native perennials, trees and shrubs, and I also see on your website you specialize in native plants. What exactly is a "native" plant?
QUESTION: I have a large number of azalea bushes in my yard; they are well established and exhibit a great variety of color and show every spring. I have started to notice a fungus showing up on branches throughout most of my bushes. Any idea what this fungus is and how may I protect my plants from additional fungus spread? Dave G. – Groton
QUESTION: I recently ate a seedless watermelon and I got wondering. How do seedless fruits like watermelon and grapes reproduce if they don't have seeds?
QUESTION: Fall: Should I be fertilizing my plants now?
QUESTION: This time of year, I see Mums for sale all over and I love them, but for some reason after I plant them in the ground, I never can get them to survive the winter.
QUESTION: I have an inkberry hedge that is out of control; it's quite large and leggy. I would like to know if I can prune it at this time of year to get it back into shape.
QUESTION: I planted several rhododendrons in my garden this spring and now there are black spots on their leaves and a number of leaves are turning yellow. Do they have a plant disease?
QUESTION: My hydrangea never bloomed this year. Did I do something wrong?
QUESTION: We lose this flower bed every mid-Summer. I weed whack the remains and it comes back. Do you have any ideas to keep it from dying each year? Ed
QUESTION: What can you tell me about the Praying Mantis in our area?
QUESTION: The other week when it was bitterly cold, my Rhododendrons looked terrible. The leaves were droopy and all curled up. I thought they were dead. Now that the weather is warmer, the leaves look normal. What's going on?
QUESTION: Every year I worry about the effect that snow and freezing conditions will have on my garden plants. Is there anything I need to do or can do?
QUESTION: We rent our house and back in the spring our tenants hired someone to "prune" our beautiful azaleas like you can see in the picture. What's your reaction?
QUESTION: My Hostas have holes in the leaves, what's going on with them?
QUESTION: I have this plant in my yard that is spreading every year. What is it and what do i do to get rid of it?
QUESTION: My neighbor was told by someone to keep watering potentially dead arborvitaes and they would come back next year. Is that true?
QUESTION: In previous "Ask the Landscape Professional" articles, you mentioned that Sprigs & Twigs uses a lot of native plants. Just what is a native plant?
QUESTION: Several months ago, I wrote about the serious dangers of having bamboo in our community. On May 24, 2013, the Connecticut Nursery & Landscape Association issued the following report about action being taken at the Connecticut State level regarding bamboo.
QUESTION: My neighbor has Bamboo plants that have spread rapidly. I am worried they are coming my way. What can be done?

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