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Summer Topics:
QUESTION: Even though "weed season" has passed, the weeds and crabgrass in our lawn were incredibly bad this summer. We leave our grass long as you recommend, but it didn't seem to help. What happened to our lawn this past summer? Chris
QUESTION: This flowering plant has continued to overtake my lawn. How do I remove it? It has bulbs on the bottom so you actually have to dig them out which is impossible to do with so many. Thank you. Dennis
QUESTION: Several plants that were planted earlier this season are struggling. There are a lot of bare branches and black leaf tips. We have been diligent about watering. Any suggestions? Bob, Mystic
QUESTION: I have a question for you about a maple tree in our yard. It's about 30-35 years old and for the last few years it has been dropping leaves. The leaves are large and they dry up on the branches and fall onto the yard. It seems like its shedding leaves for some reason. The remainder of the tree is full and looks healthy but I'm wondering why some leaves die and fall at this time of year. Linda, Old Lyme
QUESTION: For some reason, I have an infestation of weeds along the edge of my patio. My lawn looks good (although it's brown), but why would the weeds show up and look like this? Joan
QUESTION: Last week I wrote about the dire decline in our bee population, and this week I'm addressing what you can do to help all of our pollinators
QUESTION: The condo complex I live in just did a large 'bee kill' with pesticides. You can help tremendously by publishing facts about the extreme importance of NOT killing bees, and the critical population decline there is in Connecticut and everywhere. S.K.

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