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Winter Topics:
QUESTION: I have several vegetable boxes that are now cleaned up from the summer veggies we grew - mainly tomatoes. Being a relative greenhorn in terms of vegetable gardening I was wondering what, if any, tips you have with regard to winter protection for the soil. This year despite new soil and fertilizer being added at the beginning of the growing season, the outcome was not quite as good as the previous year. I am wonder if I could do to protect and improve the soil. Should I feed the soil some type fertilizer or just wait till spring. Should I cover the boxes? Appreciate any advice you may offer. Michael
QUESTION: My hydrangeas, Mopheads, Oakleaf, and Lacecaps, just started to leaf out in early June from the bottom but some are not leafing at all. They were all lush last year. Do you have any advice for me? I did not prune in the past year. Thank you. Linda
QUESTION: Would you be kind enough to let me know if I should let the rose hips develop on my roses or should they be cut off? Someone told me that letting the hips develop inhibits the production of flowers in the spring. I always enjoy your very informative articles. Thank you so much. Nan
QUESTION: Recently, I bought an ice melt product which said it was "eco-friendly" and listed four ingredients ending in the word "chloride". No other chemicals were listed on the label. I was seeking to purchase a de-icing product which would not hurt my gardens or lawn and would not end up in the Long Island Sound via the storm drains on the street either. I'm not sure about the product I bought. Jenna Messier, NOFA - Organic Land Care Program Director
QUESTION: Hi Linda- I read your article every week and enjoy your comments on so many subjects. We have a rosemary plant that was outside for the summer growing in a pot. We have now brought the plant inside in the same pot hoping to keep it alive to go outside again next spring. What should we do to have it survive over the winter inside the house? Thanks Joe
QUESTION: How can I protect my young Magnolia tree that I planted this year from the "wrath of winter". Thank you. Daniel
QUESTION: I have a Mandevilla plant that has been blooming for the past 2 months. I know plants need a period of dormancy over the winter. Do I need to do anything to be sure it will bloom in the spring and summer months? Gary
QUESTION: Hi Linda, I have a Gerber Daisy plant that is still blooming. Do I bring it in for the winter or leave it out? Thank you. Rose
QUESTION: With all of the snow lately and broken tree branches, I regret not having Sprigs & Twigs prune my trees earlier. Can pruning be done in the winter or do I need to wait until spring? Chris
QUESTION: Now that winter is upon us and my house is closed up tight, I'm wondering if I could use houseplants to improve the air quality? Kathy
QUESTION: Should I be concerned when snow piles up on my garden beds? Robin
QUESTION: Now that Christmas is over, the used Christmas trees are showing up along the roads to be picked up. I'm wondering what I can do with my old tree other than throw it away. Doug
QUESTION: My daughter bought me an 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea for Mother's Day. I planted it in June. Should I cover it for the winter?
QUESTION: My mother always forced paperwhite narcissus bulbs to grow indoors for fall/winter enjoyment, but I remember that they grew tall and fell over. I recently heard that alcohol can be used to stunt their growth. Is that worth a try? Carol
QUESTION: Last week you wrote about taking care of pots before winter. Is there anything special I should be doing with my tools?
QUESTION: In the fall, I usually dump the contents of my annual planters and pots into a pile in the woods, then store them in my shed over the winter. Is there anything I should be doing to my pots before I put them away? Connie
QUESTION: I was given a Hibiscus as a gift this year and I planted it outside. Now that cooler weather is approaching, what do I need to do? Mary
QUESTION: Now that the snow has melted, I see that my evergreen Daphne has been crushed by the load of the snow. What can I do to save it?
QUESTION: My neighbor told me it was a good time of year to have my large tree topped, but I wanted to ask you first.
QUESTION: Last week, you talked about Moles. Are they the same as Voles?
QUESTION: Before my lawn got covered with snow, I was noticing the damage from last summer's mole tunnels. Do moles go away once the cold weather comes?
QUESTION: Would it be good to have Sprigs & Twigs prune my trees now or should I call you in the spring?
QUESTION: Every year I worry about the effect that snow and freezing conditions will have on my garden plants. Is there anything I need to do or can do?
QUESTION: As I look at my garden with all of the snow, it looks barren and dreary. What can I do to add winter interest?
QUESTION: I am out of town (in a warm place) and I am concerned about my property with all of the snow on my roof and trees, can you help me?
QUESTION: I am leaving for a winter vacation; will the birds suffer when the feeders get empty?
QUESTION: Is it safe to prune trees in Winter?
QUESTION: Is there much I need to worry about during the winter as far as my garden is concerned?
QUESTION: Winter is a great time to get ready for the upcoming growing season
QUESTION: The snow is covering most of our plants-particularly the short hellebore and azaleas. Will this cause any harm? Kent H. – Gales Ferry
QUESTION: What can I do to get rid of winter moths? They get in my house, climb on my siding and even seem to survive through the winter. Help! Gerald N, Groton
QUESTION: I am sick of all the cold and snow. Please cheer me up!

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