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"Ask The Landscape Professional" is a weekly series by Master Gardener Linda Lillie, AOLCP. Published every Sunday in The Day newspaper, a variety of topics are covered related to Landscape Design and Maintenance, Lawn Care, and Tree Care.

New Topics:
QUESTION: When these beautiful hydrangeas got too big 3 years ago, I cut them down to half their height. Now, all I have gotten for the last two years is sticks and leaves, no blossoms. If it's shock, shouldn't they have gotten over it by now? What can I do? Ann  NEW!
QUESTION: I have these beautiful flowering plants that are now at least 12 feet tall. I'm not sure what they are since they were here when we bought the house. I love the flowers but they need help. They are too overgrown. Can I cut them back now? They flowered in June. Many thanks. Gladys  NEW!
QUESTION: We purchased this spruce shrub 2 months ago and planted it in a sunny garden (5-6 hours sun) at the front of our home. I fed and watered it for the first few weeks and it seemed to be thriving. Two weeks ago, we noticed it starting to brown. We've had tunnels from chipmunks or voles, in this area and wondered if this could be causing the problem. Do you have any advice on how to save this shrub? Thank you. Carol  NEW!
QUESTION: I have a question about using pine needles from our pine trees as mulch for our flower beds. We've been doing for few years, but not sure if doing correctly. We're in Ledyard. We've just been placing piles around plants. Can we apply again now in mid-summer? Or is it best to wait till fall? Thank you! Wendy  NEW!

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