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"Ask The Landscape Professional" is a weekly series by Master Gardener Linda Lillie, AOLCP. Published every Sunday in The Day newspaper, a variety of topics are covered related to Landscape Design and Maintenance, Lawn Care, and Tree Care.

New Topics:
QUESTION: I have a pink Kousa Dogwood in my yard (I think variety Satomi or Rosabella). Well, the flowers are not very pink, rather an off-white. Anything I can do to enhance pink flowers, like I see elsewhere? The tree is in full sun. A few of the lower branches, which are shaded by its upper branches, have the nice pink coloration. Thanks, Paul  NEW!
QUESTION: My hydrangeas, Mopheads, Oakleaf, and Lacecaps, just started to leaf out in early June from the bottom but some are not leafing at all. They were all lush last year. Do you have any advice for me? I did not prune in the past year. Thank you. Linda  NEW!
QUESTION: I have an approximately 25-year-old weeping cheery in my front yard. This year as soon as the blossoms appeared, there was an approximately 80 to 90% die back of blossoms and future leaf buds. As of right now, many of the tree's tentacles (branches) are dead or dying. Yesterday while driving down Roxbury Rd. in Niantic, I noticed 2 other houses with Weeping cherries with the same condition. Is it possible there is a blight or fungus affecting these trees and is it possible these trees will survive? Thank you Paul  NEW!
QUESTION: We just moved into a new house that has a lawn irrigation system. The previous owners said we should be irrigating the grass now. I'm not so sure; what are your thoughts? Thank you. Katherine  NEW!

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