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"Ask The Landscape Professional" is a weekly series by Master Gardener Linda Lillie, AOLCP. Published every Sunday in The Day newspaper, a variety of topics are covered related to Landscape Design and Maintenance, Lawn Care, and Tree Care.

New Topics:
QUESTION: My husband and I read with interest your article on Fuzzy Deutzia in the Lyme Times several weeks ago. We have this shrub; it was here when we bought the house over 25 years ago and enjoy it every year when it blooms. However it is right up against the foundation and should be moved. It is now about 15 feet tall. Should we move it now? Let it acclimate to new area then rejuvenate prune next year? Or prune a little now and move? Right now it is on the west side of the house getting afternoon sun. Should it remain in area with lots of sun? Thank you in advance for your advice. Vivian  NEW!
QUESTION: Crab Grass has taken over my lawn this year, it was bad last year, but it's even worse this year. What can I do? Missy  NEW!
QUESTION: When these beautiful hydrangeas got too big 3 years ago, I cut them down to half their height. Now, all I have gotten for the last two years is sticks and leaves, no blossoms. If it's shock, shouldn't they have gotten over it by now? What can I do? Ann  NEW!
QUESTION: I have these beautiful flowering plants that are now at least 12 feet tall. I'm not sure what they are since they were here when we bought the house. I love the flowers but they need help. They are too overgrown. Can I cut them back now? They flowered in June. Many thanks. Gladys  NEW!

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