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"Ask The Landscape Professional" is a weekly series by Master Gardener Linda Lillie, AOLCP. Published every Sunday in The Day newspaper, a variety of topics are covered related to Landscape Design and Maintenance, Lawn Care, and Tree Care.

New Topics:
QUESTION: I planted Happy Returns Daylilies in front of my stone wall and I had the understanding that they would blossom all summer and into the fall. However, I have noticed that they stop producing blossoms well before fall. This year by mid-July all the blossoms were gone and there have been no new ones since. The leaves are very thick and some are turning yellow & brown. What aren't my daylilies blooming? Nancy  NEW!
QUESTION: My husband planted a spiral arborvitae 2 years ago which has never been pruned and looks like a regular arborvitae. Can it be pruned now? Thank you. Carol  NEW!
QUESTION: These are pictures of my birch tree which seems to be dying branch by branch. There is a green tufted mossy/grassy growth on some of the branches. The branches with the most growth seem to be doing the worst. What do you advise? Thank you, Kathy  NEW!
QUESTION: My Rhododendron, which has beautiful very large reddish flowers, finished blooming about a month ago. Other Rhododendrons, in my neighborhood, do as mine. About 100 feet from mine, is a Rhododendron, is in bloom now. Every year is the same, blooming one month later. Is that common or is it just lazy and waits until it feels like blooming? Tony  NEW!

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