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Fall Topics:
QUESTION: My neighbor and I have a bet. He says fallen oak leaves make soil more acidic and I say that's not true. Can you settle this? Dennis, Essex
QUESTION: I love Poinsettias at this time of year, and I've always wondered if the growers paint them red? Sarah
QUESTION: My daughter bought me an 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea for Mother's Day. I planted it in June. Should I cover it for the winter?
QUESTION: My mother always forced paperwhite narcissus bulbs to grow indoors for fall/winter enjoyment, but I remember that they grew tall and fell over. I recently heard that alcohol can be used to stunt their growth. Is that worth a try? Carol
QUESTION: I planted my bulbs in early November and now with the warm weather some of them are sprouting up! What should I do? Will they grow in the spring? Gary
QUESTION: I have several vegetable boxes that are now cleaned up from the summer veggies we grew - mainly tomatoes. Being a relative greenhorn in terms of vegetable gardening I was wondering what, if any, tips you have with regard to winter protection for the soil. This year despite new soil and fertilizer being added at the beginning of the growing season, the outcome was not quite as good as the previous year. I am wondering what I could do to protect and improve the soil. Should I feed the soil some type of fertilizer or just wait till spring? Should I cover the boxes? Appreciate any advice you may offer. Michael
QUESTION: Attached are photos are of my euonymus. They're all about ten years old. Until the very cold winter of 2010-11 they grew happily, but that winter the deer and rabbits ate them from the ground up. It's taken them since then to recover and I haven't trimmed them at all. This year they're finally getting new growth inside. The older outside stems are leggy, with growth only at the tops. I'm thinking of cutting them all back to the height of the new inside growth to encourage more new leaf growth all around. Do you think this is a good idea? Or should I let them be and merely trim them a bit on the tops? These are slow growers as it is but I'd love to see them fuller and filled in. I'd appreciate your advice. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Ann
QUESTION: I was given a Hibiscus as a gift this year and I planted it outside. Now that cooler weather is approaching, what do I need to do? Mary
QUESTION: The warm weather seems to be holding on this year. Do you think it's still too warm to plant my spring bulbs? Kristin
QUESTION: My neighbor and I have a bet. He says fallen oak leaves make soil more acidic and I say that's not true. Can you settle this?
QUESTION: Why do leaves turn colors in the fall?
QUESTION: Should I be fertilizing my plants now (in the Fall)?
QUESTION: I see on your web site that Sprigs & Twigs is a national award winning landscape design and installation company and I saw you installing a garden at my neighbor's house last week. Isn't it getting late in the season to do plantings?
QUESTION: What in the world can I do with all these leaves?
QUESTION: September is the best time of year to plant grass, here are a few lawn tips to help ensure a successful planting.

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