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QUESTION: I have this HUGE weed growing in my yard, what is it and should I be concerned? Alice
QUESTION: I am trying to find out what this is growing in large patches in our lawn and choking out the grass. We are trying to find organic or natural means to get rid of it but it is spreading. Thank you. Nicole
QUESTION: Dear Linda, I am attaching a photo of a small flower that I've noticed in my yard. It seems to spread itself around, and I don't know if this is some kind of invasive plant. If it is invasive, what are the steps that I should take to get rid of it? Currently, it just gets mowed down when I mow the grass. It is pretty, though! I'm a former condo gal, and don't really know much about maintaining a yard. Thanks for your assistance. I look forward to your answer. I enjoy reading your column each week. Susie
QUESTION: I'm wondering what this is. It's nothing I planted, which makes me suspicious, but we have so many glorious trees thanks to the squirrels, thought I'd check before pulling. Thank you! Sue
QUESTION: I have clover all over my lawn, how can I get rid of it safely? Margaret
QUESTION: We seem to have these all over our yard. They cropped up a year or two ago and we don't know what they are or how to get rid of them! When you walk through them, they spray seeds everywhere. They're roughly 6 inches tall. Please help! Jackie
QUESTION: This flowering plant has continued to overtake my lawn. How do I remove it? It has bulbs on the bottom so you actually have to dig them out which is impossible to do with so many. Thank you. Dennis
QUESTION: I am highly allergic to pollen and every fall my allergies go crazy. I always thought I was allergic to both Golden Rod and Ragweed, but my neighbor says not so. Are they different?
QUESTION: For some reason, I have an infestation of weeds along the edge of my patio. My lawn looks good (although it's brown), but why would the weeds show up and look like this? Joan
QUESTION: Linda...I would not even open the newspaper if it did not contain your articles. Thank you for all your information and advice! Earlier this year you posted an article on Knotweed and I agree completely. This is horrible stuff. I've literally spent weeks manually digging up each individual one, on 1-1/2 acres. The Knotweed just takes over and kills everything in its path. But, progress was achieved after all that labor! To remove Knotweed, I use a big, flat-blade screwdriver for individual scattered ones. For groups/clusters, I use a pitch fork to loosen the entire group and they pull out easily - then tamp the ground with my boot. After I removed the Knotweed, in the late spring after we had gotten some rain, I used a weed and feed product. The combination of removing Knotweed and adding the fertilizer has shown remarkable results. I know you don't approve of weed and feed, but it worked for me. To remove Knotweed, it required me to be on my hands and knees and the one danger is catching Lyme Disease. I recommend using a spray, like Deep Woods Off, on footwear, pant legs, and arms. Ray A., Salem
QUESTION: Is there any way to deter the invasion of clover in my lawn? Even after mowing it is still so visible. My husband wants me to use weed and feed to get rid of it, but I'm looking for an organic solution, if possible. Thanks! - Meagan
QUESTION: I seeded my lawn this spring, but all that is growing is weeds. What happened and what can I do?
QUESTION: We have a new yard. Our grass was seeded last April. The grass is coming in and we have this weed that some people said cannot be killed. It is easy to pull up when small but once the plant gets larger, the root is very hard to get out of the ground. Can you please give us advice on how to get rid of this ugly and invading plant? Charley
QUESTION: Help! My family cemetery plot lies under a large Oak tree. The grounds beneath it are full of weeds. Can you tell us the steps to restore a healthy grass at this plot? – Janet
QUESTION: I have a two-fold question: (1) how does English Ivy spread? Over 20 years ago we were told it was alright to allow the English Ivy to be on a magnificent tree that was as tall as a 2-story house. The tree died, and I keep finding the Ivy all over our almost 4 acres. (2) Is there a good way to kill it? I have been pulling it up, but it keeps getting ahead of me. KC
QUESTION: I am getting ready for "weed season" and I am wondering about using a product like Roundup®
QUESTION: I have an inkberry hedge that is out of control; it's quite large and leggy. I would like to know if I can prune it at this time of year to get it back into shape.
QUESTION: What can be done to control Japanese Stilt Grass?
QUESTION: I have a HUGE weed growing in my yard; what is it, and should I be concerned?
QUESTION: I have seen this weed a lot and now it's in my lawn especially along my driveway. What should I do to get rid of it?
QUESTION: Weeds are growing like crazy in my lawn, what can I do?
QUESTION: Weeds are growing like crazy in my lawn, what can I do? (Part 2)
QUESTION: Now that my weeds are growing again, can I safely use a product like Roundup®?
QUESTION: As I get ready for Spring, I am wondering if I need to put landscape fabric down before I mulch my gardens?
QUESTION: Lawn Care: I see that you are the only fully organic lawn care & landscape company in SE Connecticut. Exactly what is a fully organic lawn care company?

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