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QUESTION: What is the difference between using chemical fertilizers on my lawn and organic ones? Are there really that many benefits to going organic? Laurie
QUESTION: My lawn has brown spots all over where my dog urinates. Is there anything I can do? Thank you for your help. Kristin
QUESTION: What is a 3-, 4-, or 5-step lawn program?
QUESTION: Hi Linda, I always enjoy your column. I have a question for you: We have ants in our lawn. The past few years they have progressively gotten worse despite our efforts to curtail them. We have two small children who play on the lawn daily so we have been hesitant to use any harsh chemicals, but the "green" solutions that we've tried don't seem to make any difference. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mark
QUESTION: Hello Linda. We have a lawn sprinkler system which was turned on the third week of June. In spite of regular watering since then, the lawn is still fairly brown and has many weeds. Do you have any thoughts? Jim
QUESTION: As you can see in the enclosed picture, I am finding small mounds of dirt on my lawn continuously. What kind of animal (rodent) could be causing them and what can I do to eliminate it? R.J. Niantic
QUESTION: Recently I've noticed the spread of moss in a significant part of our grass lawn. What is the best way to eliminate it and ensure that it does not return? Thanks, Terry
QUESTION: Is there any way to deter the invasion of clover in my lawn? Even after mowing it is still so visible. My husband wants me to use weed and feed to get rid of it, but I'm looking for an organic solution, if possible. Thanks! - Meagan
QUESTION: I seeded my lawn this spring, but all that is growing is weeds. What happened and what can I do?
QUESTION: Help! My family cemetery plot lies under a large Oak tree. The grounds beneath it are full of weeds. Can you tell us the steps to restore a healthy grass at this plot? – Janet
QUESTION: In last week's Ask The Landscape Professional, you said that "As part of good lawn turf management practices, we are coming up on the time of year you should be soil testing, aerating, overseeding and dethatching (if necessary)." Why is that?
QUESTION: What are the advantages of aerating, overseeding, and dethatching a lawn?
QUESTION: I have just signed a contract for chemical lawn care from a well-known national company, but I am having second thoughts after looking at the organic lawn care option on your website. What's the story?
QUESTION: I see that you are the only fully organic lawn care & landscape company in SE Connecticut. Exactly what is a fully organic lawn care company?
QUESTION: Last week, you talked about Moles. Are they the same as Voles?
QUESTION: Before my lawn got covered with snow, I was noticing the damage from last summer's mole tunnels. Do moles go away once the cold weather comes?
QUESTION: To save money, my husband is thinking about buying mason's lime at the home improvement store to use on our lawn. Is that OK?
QUESTION: September is the best time of year to plant grass, here are a few lawn tips to help ensure a successful planting.
QUESTION: I had someone do a lawn repair for me this spring; he added top soil and seed. He told me he was using a special coated seed that I didn't have to water. No grass ever grew and my lawn is now full of weeds. What went wrong?
QUESTION: What is the proper height to mow my lawn and what can I do about dead spots in my grass from dog urine?
QUESTION: What is thatch and how much is good for a lawn?
QUESTION: Now that spring is here, I need to buy some grass seed, there are so many choices and different labels, I am always confused about what kind to get.

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