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Spring Topics:
QUESTION: I'm looking forward to rototilling my vegetable garden in a few weeks for spring planting, but I seem to remember reading one of your articles that may not be a good idea. Could you explain? Thank you. Jeff
QUESTION: My neighbor recommended that I come to you for a Spring Spruce Up. What is that exactly? Steph
QUESTION: I have several vegetable boxes that are now cleaned up from the summer veggies we grew - mainly tomatoes. Being a relative greenhorn in terms of vegetable gardening I was wondering what, if any, tips you have with regard to winter protection for the soil. This year despite new soil and fertilizer being added at the beginning of the growing season, the outcome was not quite as good as the previous year. I am wonder if I could do to protect and improve the soil. Should I feed the soil some type fertilizer or just wait till spring. Should I cover the boxes? Appreciate any advice you may offer. Michael
QUESTION: I recently discovered bulbs that I meant to plant in the ground last fall, but I never got around to it. Can I plant them in the spring? Denise
QUESTION: My husband is getting ready to install a new planting area in front of our house and just came back from the store with a roll of landscape cloth. I seem to recall, you have written about that before, but I can't locate the article. Can you remind me? Joyce
QUESTION: The warm weather seems to be holding on this year. Do you think it's still too warm to plant my spring bulbs? Kristin
QUESTION: Last week I wrote about the dire decline in our bee population, and this week I'm addressing what you can do to help all of our pollinators
QUESTION: The condo complex I live in just did a large 'bee kill' with pesticides. You can help tremendously by publishing facts about the extreme importance of NOT killing bees, and the critical population decline there is in Connecticut and everywhere. S.K.
QUESTION: I am getting ready for "weed season" and I am wondering about using a product like Roundup
QUESTION: I faithfully read "Ask The Landscape Professional" every week and I want to thank you for taking the time to write it. I am excited and so happy to be working in my garden again with all of this new-found knowledge. Amy
QUESTION: Now that spring is here, I need to buy some grass seed, there are so many choices and different labels, I am always confused about what kind to get.
QUESTION: Landscape Fabric: As I get ready for spring, I am wondering if I need to put landscape fabric down before I mulch my gardens?

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