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QUESTION: My neighbor and I are interested in learning more about your landscape design services. My neighbor's landscape is completely overgrown and I am buying a new house with no landscaping at all. Thank you very much for your help. Marge
QUESTION: After spending this summer trying to keep up with the out-of-control plantings around my house, I need your help. My landscape was installed 15 years ago and for the firt year or two it looked OK, but after that, I realized the plants and shrubs were planted way too close together and some too close to the house. Some of the shrubs are huge now and require constant pruning. My gardens don't look very good and I'm sick of them. I drive past a home down the street from me that you designed and installed some time ago and it's stunningly beautiful. I love your design style and the quality of your work. I know it's getting late in the year and maybe I should wait until next spring to have you design a garden for me, but I wanted to get in touch now. Thank you very much. Tory
QUESTION: I have been trapped at home since the coronavirus and can't stand to see the state of my gardens anymore! Can you help bring back some beauty to my yard? Can you help me design a garden? Anne
QUESTION: I loved your recent article about landscape design and I especially loved that you specialized in naturalistic, low maintenance gardens. How much maintenance can I expect to have to do after the garden is installed? Katie
QUESTION: My neighbor and I are interested in learning more about your landscape design services for two very different situations. My neighbor's landscape is completely overgrown and I am buying a new house with no landscaping at all! I am leaving a house that had professional landscaping with blooming flowers/shrubs/trees from April - October, with many varying bird species. I'm looking to do something similar at my new home. Thank you very much for your help. Carrie
QUESTION: My Brother-in-Law uses rubber mulch in his gardens, but it concerns me. What are your thoughts? Thank you. Mary Ellen
QUESTION: We are considering replacing mulch with gravel around the house to reduce maintenance. We understand heat build-up may be detrimental to shrubs yet the front of the house faces north and receives no sun. Which do you recommend, mulch or gravel? Rob, Clinton
QUESTION: Hi Linda, I am interested in a cost estimate for a full landscape design. I am in the process of purchasing land to build a new home in East Lyme and would like a "master" landscape plan that we could execute on over a several year period. We would want to incorporate an in-ground pool, walkways, patio, fire pit, children's play house, and vegetable garden. Also, with new construction when do you ideally like to get involved? Thanks, John
QUESTION: I was at a local Stop & Shop and noticed a small tree in their landscape that had just fallen over. When I looked closer, it had no roots! What in the world happened? Robin
QUESTION: I have a two-fold question: (1) how does English Ivy spread? Over 20 years ago we were told it was alright to allow the English Ivy to be on a magnificent tree that was as tall as a 2-story house. The tree died, and I keep finding the Ivy all over our almost 4 acres. (2) Is there a good way to kill it? I have been pulling it up, but it keeps getting ahead of me. KC
QUESTION: My neighbor attended one of your recent lectures where you talked about the problems caused by using landscape cloth. Could you go over that again?
QUESTION: I have seen a number of spectacular gardens that you have designed and installed and I am anxious to have you do my property as well in 2015. How do we get started
TESTIMONIAL: A testimonial to the landscaping team from Sprigs & Twigs regarding a recent landscape maintenance project in Niantic Connecticut.
QUESTION: We lose this flower bed every mid-Summer. I weed whack the remains and it comes back. Do you have any ideas to keep it from dying each year? Ed
QUESTION: I just saw some amazing stonework you did for my neighbor. I never knew Sprigs & Twigs did that. Is it too late in the year to arrange for a stonework project?
QUESTION: I would like to change the landscape at my house next year, when should I contact you to get the process started?
QUESTION: I understand that Sprigs and Twigs uses only organic solutions and I was wondering what options were available to stop weed growth through mulch. In the past, I have used applications of Preen prior to adding new mulch to the beds, is this safe?
QUESTION: Every year I worry about using colored mulch, is it safe?
QUESTION: I took this picture at a local restaurant (showing mulch built up around a tree). I can't imagine that this is good for the tree.
QUESTION: I see that you are the only fully organic lawn care & landscape company in SE Connecticut. Exactly what is a fully organic lawn care company?
QUESTION: I have these unsightly mushrooms growing in my garden mulch. What can I do to get rid of them?
QUESTION: I had an absolutely awful experience with a landscape contractor last year; can you give me some things to look for before I make the same mistake again?
QUESTION: A local landscape company just mulched my property and I am concerned how they mulched around my trees.
QUESTION: As I get ready for spring, I am wondering if I need to put landscape fabric down before I mulch my gardens?
QUESTION: As I look at my garden with all of the snow, it looks barren and dreary. What can I do to add winter interest?

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