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We have a large rose garden and it is becoming overgrow by mint. There are two different kinds. Is there any way to control the spread of the mint other than by pulling it out which is not too successful? You have helped me in the past and I always enjoy and learn from your weekly columns. Thanks you for your articles. Richard


Controlling the Spread of Mint Hi Richard,
Mint needs to be dug up to loosen the roots in the soil before pulling out the plant. Just pulling the stems doesn't work because the stems break very easily when pulled, leaving the roots behind to grow another plant. The roots need to be completely removed from the soil in order for it not to grow back. Do not cut the mint. Cutting encourages the mint to grow in thicker. We have had very good luck with slowly digging and pulling. The process may take a couple of years to completely eradicate the mint.

If you want mint in your garden, plant a portion of it within a plant pot (as big as you like) with the lip of the pot about 2" above ground to keep the mint from escaping and getting into the garden. Good Luck.

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